ON Page SEO techniques : How to rank website higher

By | 7th April 2019

On Page SEO techniques ! you must be wondering what is it ? So we will be starting first with What is On-page SEO? On-page SEO is an important factor in determining the ranking of your website. While you keep the readability and relevancy of the content in your mind- people will actually read your content.

What is On-page SEO ?

On-page SEO is an act of optimizing your content so that the search engines can find them and register them correctly. This is done by making sure that the content written has relevant percentage of keywords and other important aspects present in it.

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On Page SEO techniques : How to do it ?
On Page SEO techniques : How to do it ?

Why is On-page SEO important?

So now the topic comes on the importance of the On-page SEO. The answer is simple. It tells the search engines that who you are and you should be at top results when your keyword is entered. Feeding the Google crawler with as much information as possible is necessary.

On page SEO techniques
On page SEO techniques: Where it is getting wrong ?

On-page SEO techniques

1. Keyword Choice and placement

The keyword which is chosen for the post is the most important aspect in SEO optimization. When you are choosing a keyword, keep these things in mind :

  • Easily Searchable
  • Easy to Use
  • in line with the content of the page
Where all the keyword is used...
On page SEO techniques
Source : Where all the keyword is used…

It also means that the header text should be wrapped between <h1> and <h2> and must include keyword in it.

2. Unique and Useful Content

In simple words : Write amazing content for your blog. It means that the subject chosen is good and not copied from any other sources.

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We recommend a minimum of 400-500 words article but remember, Longer articles tend to rank better.

On page SEO Content
On page SEO techniques

3. URL

Always make sure that your URL has got your keyword. Put it at the beginning of the URL string for better and optimized results.

The scale of URL Readability On page SEO techniques
The scale of URL Readability : Source

Don’t keep your URL string long. Avoid using stopwords such as “the”, “and”, “or” etc.

4. Title Tag

Any search Engine will always look to the Title tag to determine the relevancy of the content. The title tag is embedded in the HTML of each page that tells Google what to display in the search results.

When you include the keyword in title meta tag, google knows how to classify the content. It is an important signal which is sent to the search engine.

On Page SEO : How title tag affects
On Page SEO techniques : How title tag affects.

5. Meta Description

The meta description of your post should include the keyword or phrase. This description will be shown in small box under the title when it appears in the search results.

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This is the first glimpse of the information which the viewer sees before opening your page.

On page SEO
Meta Description of the content : Source

6. Image Alt tags

Adding your keyword in the ALt tag of the images is required for SEO optimization. It tells the search engine what your image is about. It also helps in linking the images.

On page SEO techniques
On page SEO techniques Source

7. Internal and External links

Include some of your blog posts links on the page. This keeps the user longer on your blog. It also helps users in getting more information from same blog. Google also considers how long the users stay on your page and rank you accordingly in the search results.

Also include some external links. This will get extra points for providing quality content and being trustworthy.


So keep the above points in the mind and I’ m sure it will help you in SEO optimization. Hope your site ranks better and you keep doing good.

Stay tuned for more such content. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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