Microsoft is putting efforts for smooth Windows 10 Update for May 2019. It will continue with a notification that the update will be installed only when no USB media is plugged in to PC. There is a possibility that these drivers will be unmounted and then remounted with different assigned letters as the PC is rebooted through the update process.

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After the update the users may have to deal with shortcuts and playlists not working and programs not opening due to their altered paths. This precaution also shows how carefully Microsoft is paying attention the new Windows Update May 2019.

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Resolve Windows 10 Update May 2019 Error Message

Users who attempt to install the Update with any USB or SD card device plugged in will see an error message that the update can’t be completed due to incompatible hardware issues. But Users will be offered a chance when they disconnect the USB and SD card devices from PC. You can see the error message in the screenshot below.

Windows 10 Update May 2019 Error Message
Windows 10 Update May 2019 Error Message

All the one has to do after seeing this error message :

  1. Eject your storage media such as USB Drive or SD card.
  2. Restart the Update Process.
  3. It’s done this time.

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The Company is carefully managing the Windows 10 Update issues after the October 2018 Update rollout, which caused many users to loose their personal data. The May 2019 Update will be rolled out slowly and can be manually installed. For any other issues regarding the Update for Windows 10, you can download Windows Update assistant from here.

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